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RFYO Attendance Policy


The orchestra relies on each individual player being present at rehearsals and preparing their part at home. With only one rehearsal per week it is very important for everyone attends all rehearsals.  


  • Absences from regular rehearsals are limited to 2 per semester.


  • Students should arrive at least 10 minutes early to all rehearsals and be in their seat at the rehearsal start time.


  • The last rehearsal before each concert is considered a dress rehearsal and is mandatory. 

  • Attendance at all concerts is mandatory except in cases of illness and emergency. Sports practice or games are not excused absences for concerts. We are glad to speak to coaches for you far in advance. 

  • Covid-related absences due to quarantine, possible exposure, or illness are always permitted. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy! Please just let us know if quarantines or illness will affect your attendance at a rehearsal.

  • There are no excused or unexcused absences. Any time you are not present at a rehearsal for any reason – illness, soccer game, vacation — you will be considered absent. Absence from ½ of a rehearsal may be considered ½ absence toward your total. For example, if you need to be absent to attend a soccer game or award ceremony, you may arrange with your conductor to be absent for first or second half of rehearsal. Absences due to required school music performances or rehearsals must be pre-arranged with your conductor as soon as you are aware of the conflict. Required school music performances will not count against the absence limits if they are addressed in a timely manner.


We expect all students to attend all concerts except in cases of illness or emergency.

What If I Have To Miss A Rehearsal?
Tell your conductor in writing as soon as possible. For last minute absences (illness or emergency) please text Sarah at 970-306-1235.

What Happens If I Go Over The Allowed Number Of Absences?

When you reach the maximum number of absences for your ensemble, you will receive an email from your conductor. If you miss another rehearsal, you may be dismissed from the program at the discretion of your conductor and the program director. When we are forced to consider dismissal from the program, your communication with your conductor and timely reporting of absences will be taken into consideration. We may request verification of the reason for absences over the maximum allowed (i.e. note from school conductor).

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