Many musicians will tell you that chamber music is what made them love playing their instrument! Register now to be placed in a small group with other students of similar playing ability and age. We will also do our best to group together students from the same parts of the valley and based on scheduling. Younger and less-advanced players will be placed into group classes. Groups of 3-6 students will meet outdoors in park or backyard locations with one RFYO teaching artist for six in-person coachings and two online preparatory sessions between July 20th and late September. In case of inclement weather, some sessions may take place online. To keep all students, families, and staff safe, everyone will follow social distancing guidelines and masks will be required. A schedule will be determined within each group at a mutually convenient time and location.  While the goal is weekly sessions, it is not a problem if you are away for short periods of time. Outdoor performance opportunities will be scheduled in both Aspen and Carbondale in late August and September.



Learn to play bluegrass, blues and fiddle tunes, improvisation, reading chords, and more! Similar format to the chamber music sessions as described above. Most sessions will take place as a group of 4-8 students outdoors in Carbondale, but this could be adapted if more students register from throughout the valley.

Students are welcome to do the Chamber Music Sessions and JamCamp, just be sure to plan time to practice your parts and attend sessions. 



Online workshops will be led by different RFYO teaching artists on a wide range of themes. Sign-ups for specific workshops with dates and times will be available in September. Themes include music theory, jazz violin, listening to and learning about great works of music, parent workshops, How to become an independent student musician, All-State Orchestra audition preparation (for any future year), and more.

Some workshops will be 1 or 2 sessions and others will be weekly for the month of October or early November. As teachers we always wish we could do more in lessons -- these are great ways to delve deeper into topics that will support your playing and musicianship in all other endeavors. 

Studio classes are a great way to share the music you are working in lessons and get advice from different teachers. This informal performance setting allows students of all levels to get more comfortable with playing solos for an audience, and work on polishing their current piece, or work on technique. These will be held at set times each week with a sign-up where you can play for your own teacher or a different teacher. This will work especially well for our winds and brass players as you will have the chance to play pieces you are working on for different teachers.



Online group classes to learn holiday music together. Our goal is to create a compilation of RFYO students playing pieces together from home! You've probably seen some videos like this online with entire orchestra or choirs where each player is a little square on the screen, but the resulting sound is everyone playing together. We also will make sure that everyone has all of the holiday music at home to play as they wish!


Students of Aspen High School have the option to earn high school credit through their participation in the Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra. Students interested in this opportunity should contact their school counselor to enroll and then notify Sarah Graf at the start of the school year. The credit is based on full participation in the Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra as well as the completion of outside projects throughout the school year.

A note from Bill Capps, Music Director:

Dear RFYO Students and Families,

As we continue to face these uncertain times, the RFYO is looking at ways to get creative with our programming. We are electing to err of the side of safety for all involved - students, families and RFYO staff - by choosing outdoor in-person and online options as a starting point.

We are especially excited to be offering chamber music and group classes from July through September, and a wide variety of workshops during the following month. We'll miss playing holiday music together, but have plans to make one of those cool compilation videos of RFYO students playing together from afar. 

We encourage all students to take part in these sessions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at 630-310-9374.

There are two definite positive aspects to these plans. First, this adapted RFYO programming is all inherently good and valuable for students. We'd actually like to be able to offer it regularly and hope to do so even when things get back to normal. Second, these can be scaled up or down, turned into in-person rehearsals and events, or made all-online if need be. 

We admire your adaptability as parents, and applaud how well students are navigating these times as well. Playing music together outdoors during these summer months will bring some joy to all involved.

Bill Capps
RFMS Music Director

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